This map is intended to give a general idea where some people are generally located in the Shire. If you are in the Shire, please add yourself to the map. Even if you’re not in the physical location commonly known as New Hampshire, you are still welcome to add yourself to the map now and move your marker to the Shire when you immiGREAT! Also, now Shire members are even concentrating on certain streets – check out the Free Streets Project!

Get instructions below for adding your point to the map.

Instructions for adding yourself to the map:
1. Logging in is not required to add a point to the map. However, you can login simply by inputting an email and password – an account is created instantly.
2. To add a point, click the “Additions” pulldown, then choose “Add Marker – Simple”.
3. Fill out the fields with your preferences. Please drop your marker on a specific location using the “Click on a Map Location” link – otherwise the map will just drop you on top of the default location for the town you type in, and that doesn’t help show how many people are in a given area.
4. Click “Submit”, then “Close”.
5. To move your location, click on your point and then click the small right arrow in the bottom of the window that pops up. To remove it, choose the “x” next to the arrow.
6. To access the map in a full browser window, click this link.