Over time, as we develop this alternative, peaceful society, it is inevitable that we will be aggressed against by those who would wish to control us. In that case, you may find these tools of use. Many of these are developed and discussed on the Forum, so be sure to drop in there as well to contribute to the creation of new ideas and discuss existing strategies and their effectiveness or lack thereof. This is new territory, creating a society without violence, so you’re as new at it as we are! Your input is welcome.

Other Useful Activist Tools

  • Use for your smartphone – broadcast video live to prevent aggressors from stealing your equipment and deleting your footage! Bambuser is effective AND free!
  • Porcupine 411 allows you to mass-voice message liberty activists across The Shire!
  • Don’t forget our forum, where you can interact with other liberty-lovers.

Shire Society Graphics

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  • Ian

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