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Now, simply by adding your comment with your name and any thoughts you might have to the bottom of this article, you can electronically sign the Shire Society Declaration! While you can be in the Shire as a state of mind, it makes sense to live close to others who believe as you do. You are encouraged to immiGREAT to the Shire and join the Free Streets Project.

To learn about how the Shire Society Declaration came to be and to see high resolution versions of the originals, please visit the History page.

Perhaps you’d prefer to sign a physical copy that you can keep? Just grab this PDF and print it out for you and your friends and family to sign!

Shire Society Declaration


WE, THE UNDERSIGNED witnesses to the lesson of history — that no form of political governance may be relied upon to secure the individual rights of life, liberty, or property — now therefore establish and provide certain fundamental precepts measuring our conduct toward one another, and toward others:


FIRST, each individual is the exclusive proprietor of his or her own existence and all products thereof, holding no obligations except those created by consent;


SECOND, no individual or association of individuals, however constituted, has the right to initiate force against any other individual;


THIRD, each individual has the inalienable right of self-defense against the initiation of force;


FOURTH, explicit voluntary association is the only means by which binding obligations may be created, and claims based on association or relationships to which any party did not consent are empty and invalid;


FIFTH, rights are neither collective nor additive in character, and no group can possess rights in excess of those belonging to its individual members;


We hereby declare our commitment to peace, individual sovereignty, and independence, and join the Shire Society.


    • samanthaswift!12 I am in a place that recognizes self and the desire to manifest a proper and loving community in which will be a shining example for all to return to The Mother. All will be Connecting to the force of creativity of like and kind individuals working from the collective bringing the truth filled vibrations of all being creator experiencing the mystic that has manifest to the common. There is lost knowledge we are here to re-engrain into the psyche. Some carry many of the lost commonalities to a part of our existence that calls forth the energies and manifest of our foremothers. Some carry much of the earthen simplicity of hand to manifest creation. I am that. I make this declaration to all of entirety and signing This Declaration with a singing signature. Samantha L. Roberts

    • I like and admire what you’re doing. keep it up, I’ll be moving to keen very soon.

    • Check your State Statutes for the phrase ” in this state or in the state ” this is where the New Hampshire statutes apply. The State of New Hampshire is all the federal land in New Hampshire. There are two governments one under common law the other under statutes. This is how they fool us they write a law for the land they own and then apply it on land they do not own you have to challenge territorial jurisdiction to address this.

    • I pledge to support the police taking criminals to jail even for jaywalking.

    • Amen.

    • Cynthia Brandt, former member of the FSP. Count me in!

    • Victor F Gagliano supports the shiresociety

    • If you wish to prosper, then let others prosper. When we have learned this lesson, everyone will seek his individual welfare in the general welfare. Then jealousies between man and man, city and city, province and province, nation and nation, will no longer trouble the world Frederic Bastiat

      I have a question please. What is the bare minimum amount I need to move to New Hampshire and work with other like minded souls in life affirming journey towards freedom and prosperity? – Emeka Nweze

    • george r dietrich…free man

    • Signed.
      We need to carefully drop out of the world system that is in place, in all the important areas of our life. Our world cannot have true transparency, justice, or love without money’s whose value is solid. Our world’s economy is fragile because it is dependent on the motivation that the government’s guns give a person to work hard for it, and our environment, political systems, morals, and life quality is headed toward the bottom. Who knows where this is headed, but I mentally assent in the Shire Society’s cause, and jump this runaway train if I can.

    • Tim U. McClure

    • How could anybody disagree with this????

    • Charlie Garcia-
      I BELIEVE YOU CAN LIVE ON LOVE…….if you dont understand feel free to ask

    • I be lost so much mostly my life after these words from them and my kids family all gone I’ve slaved bitterly for any scrap I got worked self into ground and it’s weird cause jesuse Christ’s blood does run threw my license almost killed me again thanks to the unjust of that bigger botch I hate you if I were king witch should be I would say off with her head . but I wouldn’t I’m actually a man of god but you guys push that shot and lady kept me down from my rapcarer that I got 1110000 and hour is what I’m up to so humbled no thanks to a botch like you. But instead I will bring to your attention get some humility and try forgiveness for what ever who did what to you but wasn’t me and you did destroy mine appreciate it still haven’t seen my youngest since 06 and it killed me and then the cancer went threwthis shut has shut off my insurance I have broken Barack this is real that’s my struggle cause you didn’t like me what ever. I would hate to tell you but you at n t worth knowing till you loose your shirt or a around you welcome to my life

    • Old man now I am. Nonetheless, hope to start anew in the Live Free or Die state come mid-May 2017. I may not be a strict secessionist, but a political loose confederation of small political and social entities seems preferable to the outrageous and dangerous imperial situation today in the USA. Will try to get in touch with you or the Free State Project when I get to the US and NH. Good to know I shall have like minded people for neighbors working to make life on planet earth a better place.

    • You guys are idiots!

    • Freedom from tyranny
      DOUGLAS R. lewis

    • Aaron B Chancey

      I Aaron Blake Chancey sign and pledge my commitment to the declaration of the Shire Society

    • All is won now – all is well!

    • The golden rule could be added to this declaration. In any case I agree to this declaration.

    • I’m all for any effort to increase peace and liberty.

    • i am a free man that does not consent to corporate law. i am not a corporation, i am a living being & demand that i be treated as such.

    • Love it!!! 🙂

    • Great artical

    • The Reverend Ashley Nicole Bowman; Minister Of Justice.

    • I agree.

    • Awesome Declaration!

    • “In life two things define you.
      Your patience when you have nothing; and your attitude when you have everything.”

    • Fair enough. Consider it signed.

    • Very nice. Had it been thought out a little more carefully, perhaps they would have used the word real flesh and blood man and woman instead of individual which has a sinister meaning. More concerning is the word INALIENABLE which is found in the United States Constitution. This word means a “man” granted Right that CAN be repealed, revoked or replaced. It is NOT the same as the word UNALIENABLE which is found in our Declaration of Independence. This word means a Right that CAN NOT be repealed, revoked or replaced. UNALIENABLE Rights are Creator granted Rights such as Life, Liberty (freedom) and the pursuit of Happiness (property). It would have also been nice for this society to recognize there are THREE orders under the real law; Creator Law, Natural Law and Man’s law, if righteous. Creator or God’s Law is the Supreme Law of this country and planet. With the above clarifications and more, I hereby sign the declaration.
      Dr. James Chappell

    • Very Cool. There are many irrefutable reasons why nation-states fail at surviving long periods of time nor do what is in the best interests of the majority. It took me many years to learn this because of all the brainwashing and lies we have been subjected to since a very young age. It is with great honor that I join all those before me in signing this declaration. Harry ‘Skip’ Robinson.

    • Thomas (Rocco)

    • #Liberty!! There’s not much more to say!!

    • Nick Ray – Cheshire County NH

    • Islam teaches that when Jesus returns as a prophet of Islam he will slaughter all Christians who refuse to convert to Islam.

      How can you base an interfaith relationship on that?

      o9.8 The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya, def: o11.4)-which is the significance of their paying it, not the money itself-while remaining in their ancestral religions) (O: and the war continues) until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax (O: in accordance with the word of Allah Most High, “Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and who forbid not what Allah and His messenger have forbidden-who do not practice the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book-until they pay the poll tax out of hand and are humbled” (Koran 9.29), the time and place for which is before the final descent of Jesus (upon whom be peace). After his final coming, nothing but Islam will be accepted from them, for taking the poll tax is only effective until Jesus’ descent (upon him and our Prophet be peace), which is the divinely revealed law of Muhammad. The coming of Jesus does not entail a separate divinely revealed law, for he will rule by the law of Muhammad. As for the Prophet’s saying (Allah bless him and give him peace), “I am the last, there will be no prophet after me,” this does not contradict the final coming of Jesus (upon whom be peace), since he will not rule according to the Evangel, but as a follower of our Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)).
      ‘Umdat as-Salik wa ‘Uddat an-Nasik
      [Reliance of the Traveller and Tools of the Worshipper]
      A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law by Ahmad Ibn Naqib Al-Misri

      [i.e. “before the final descent of Jesus”
      Christians have three choices:
      (a) – submit to Islam,
      (b) – pay protection money (jizya) or
      (c) – die by the sword

      but “after (Jesus’) final coming”
      Christians will only have two choices:
      (a) – submit to Islam or
      (c) – die by the sword]

      Allah’s Messenger said, “The Hour will not be established until the son of Mary (i.e. Jesus) descends amongst you as a just ruler, he will break the cross, kill the pigs, and abolish the Jizya tax. Money will be in abundance so that nobody will accept it (as charitable gifts).
      Sahih Bukhari 3:43:656

    • This is good. But, we need to start drawing some lines in the sand. Timelines to restore the Constitution, balance the budget, ensure the Rights of every citizen are not infringed upon any more. We probably will need to plan on the possibility to literally fight the enemy within. As long as the elections are rigged, the electorate split by “elected” officials, we need to continue on the plans. We need to make legalized corruption, illegal. recruiting officials, citizens, police, national guard, building and developing resistance militias across the country, with the unified goal of, restoring the Constitution and intended role of government…we need to be shrinking gov, in the name of our existence in a once free and potentially prosperous society and stop recognizing laws based on a skewed sense of morality. This is our country. Let’s make “elected” officials think twice and afraid to take money from lobbyists. and let’s be ungovernable. resist and fight if necessary.

    • Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Hurrah for the shire!
      Along with Dr. Campbell, I would change the word individual to real flesh and blood man and woman and the word inalienable to unalienable. With the above clarifications and more, I hereby joyfully sign the declaration.

      Anna M Deardorf [ANA]

    • Are there any links anyone can suggest for pdfs of legal documents for Mississippi?

    • i am fed up with the corrupt government of the U S A i have right as a human being i can even get my meds because of the corruption in state and federal govenment run by the rich i join here an no longer have anything to do or live by rule of the U S A government

    • I support and will defend the rights and claims enumerated in this declaration…

    • May the Holy God of Heaven be for us in this Sacred endeaver for it is only by his will can such a great action of good be accomplished.

    • Get a job you filthy hippies!

    • Stop.gangstalking

    • Of the People, By the People, and For the People!

    • Sorry folks but you are a bunch of idiots. If you declare yourself independent of this nation and its laws you are no longer a citizen and subject to immediate deportation.

    • Don’t trust the system

    • I agree

    • Christopher Allen Burgett
      As an American it is not only your right but your duty to rise up and overthrow any form of government that becomes overbearing.

    • This is going to appeal to hundreds of unemployed whack jobs.

    • Rod Class Just WON His Supreme Court Case ! < < > 16-424 Class v. United States >> (Decided 02/21/2018) <> Here is the Dropbox Link for the >> Written Transcript of
      the Oral Arguments <> Call Archives <>> This is the Rod Class / AIB Radio >> BIG LIST EMAIL <> YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE AND GET YOUR OWN COPY VIA EMAIL
      >> IN THE FUTURE << BY sending an email to:
      rod-class-subscribe@rayservers .com
      The Big List has OVER 2200+ People on it, and is an alert system
      for Rod Class Live Calls, Private Calls, Court Appearances AND Documents
      …the list goes to People all over the World who are listening and watching –
      The list is automated…AND is NOT a way to contact Rod or Carl !

      Sovereign Private Person: Creator ALL creation Tangela Monique Johnson

    • I feel that everyone has the right to self determination and liberty and no so called government has the right to dictate what may be involved.

    • Cody Allen Groening
      I with this document

    • If History repeats itself which it in fact does. Then that would only lead one he/she to believe that one’s last mistake is his/her best teacher. So with that being said.Factual history has taught us independence freedom of speech the right to pursue life and happiness. As long as: a).One he/she is not hurting people.b). Damaging the property of other’s. C).Infringing on one’s he/she right to life and pursuit of happiness. In its purest and simplest forms, these principles will stand the test of time. With human reverence one for another.My. case is rested. Prosperiety for all whom desire it. At the very low cost of reverence and not greed. These principles are at the very core simple and most beneficial. transparency is a simple formula. Nothing more than precept upon precept. Very Elementary people…… let me put it to you this way, now pay attention: “The BEST PART OF BEING, IS HAVING BEEN”…. signed respectfully Ynot…..

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    • becoming across a tent inside a small fair about 3 maybe 4 years ago, i was given information about The Shire Society!!! It had truly peaked my interest. So as life consumed me daily, today i run across a sticker i was given!!! So deciding to look it up on google it just reconstitutes my beliefs!!! Wanting to learn more, be a part of, and hoping it truly is and follows this declaration!!! PEACE ALL!!!

    • For this freedom of this declaration is with the voidance of a personal-jurisdiction-claim with an adverb/verb communication-document of a corporation by this mans-stopping and: correcting.

    • i completely agree with these rights

    • What about children in the Shire?
      I am a single parent and listen to your radio station frequently. But I’ve never heard anything about parents with children moving to the Shire to become part of the movement as a self-employed person I think I could make that move quite easily.but I get the feeling marijuana is a big part of this lifestyle although I don’t get the feeling you’re pushing the stuff on California weed is everywhere my neighbors got six plants growing outside my window nobody cares so I’m not going to move to New Hampshire just to become a pothead

    • my name is Steven Howard I’m a juggalo and I agree with this I agree we need to take our government back and stop their oppression and terrorism of United states man and woman human beings you have the right to travel no matter how you see fit do not let them lie to you about having to apply for a driver’s license tags and insurance it is all fraud

    • Keith Reed

    • We are the +0ne.

    • Im happy that you have given me the opportunity to properly apply the following phrase:

      “What you engage in here does not even rise to the level of sophomoric sophistry.”

      The Dude is correct. You are idiots, even less principled than libertarians.

      Gnaw on this, for it is a truth that ALL societies accept as so basic that it is assumed to be so:

      “If you wish to enjoy the benefits of a civil and civilized society, you are required to follow its rules and guidelines. Else you are subject to summary loss of said benefits.”

      Now piss off…all of you fools.

    • I agree with the declaration.

    • No corporation or corporationscorporations, their laws, regulations, code’s, standards exetera has jurisdiction on me, I am a
      sovereign citizen.

    • We need to have the LAWS of our country Changed , does not OUR RIGHTS matter? 911 has made the terrorist as winners, their goal to take away our FREEDOMS and its time WE THE PEOPLE take our rights back.


    • I, Harry Skip Robinson, of sound mind a body, hereby agree to and will uphold, to the best of my abilities, the terms and conditions as set forth in the Shire Society Declaration.

    • It is with honor that I join this organization and honor all it precepts of the shire Society Declaration.

    • Let bring back the common law of the land, and embrace our True Freedom.., giving to us by God himself…

    • Peace love and understanding

    • My name is Antonio coleman. I have been studying this latin. Language for over 8 yrs. Now and i am ready to proceed to file all needed documents to protect my rights and that of the ppl.

    • I Stewart Stanton email ; Would like any all information ! Thanks Stewart Stanton and would like a copy of this Declaration thanks again.

    • I am for the true freedoms of all humans and equality in all aspects and no government shall impeed upon nor take away a god given right of life liberty and persuite of happiness or be policed in a manner deemed life threatening Unless a criminal act is committed against his or her person and I’m am solely responsible for my self and no agencies have jurisdiction over me or any of my family as I am a free person on this land of the free an have the same rights as all do under the creator of this planet an no one can or has the right to take them away or infringe upon.

    • Jaywalking is not a crime nor a thing to me at all . If the opportunity arises to cross the street then cross it . You are the Sole proprietor of your existence and Consciousness right ?

    • Keep freedom alive.

    • I’m commenting for complete freedom. Thanks in advance!

    • Agreed!

    • Gods Law vs Mans Law – I choose to be accountable to my creator.

    • Anthony A. Bey

    •, Thank you for this, my only suggestion is that you should include the corporation of the united states 1871 in the text where the sovereignty and independence are mentioned.

      Thank you again.

    • Why can I sign this paper

    • You clowns are just stoned! I have not read such nonsense since the Age of Aquarius. Grow up!

    • Freedom from government betrayal is imminent in my heart. Obedience to God and His laws is my ONLY duty. I am free to decide what I choose to do in any situation. The Government is and should be bound by the constitution ONLY. No Statute or Policy should trump my rights as a sovereign citizen. I have never agreed to anything other than that and I never will. I am a constitutionalist! I always will be.

    • Our country America will never be free until citizens stop being the sheep, and the followers to the United States INC. Only until people realise the U.S. is not located in America, but located in Washington D.C. which is not located in U.S. and is not a State. It’s a Foreign territory. I, Bryant Schroder, make this declaration to all private and free people and signing This Declaration with a signing signature. Bryant Schroder

    • I, (Muhammad Don Moore) hereby declare our commitment to peace, individual sovereignty, and independence, and join the Shire Society.

      Muhammad Don Moore

    • Cora Brna, Let’s all live free and full of love!

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    • Though we have freedoms, what we choose to do with those liberties is what constitutes for the quality of a man/woman. I hereby stand in the fact that we are all equally important, and equally unimportant. In pursuance of life, liberty, and property, I hereby sign this electronic documentation and join the shire society.

    • Plan to move no later than one years time from 08-27-2019.

    • I sign and pledge my commitment to this declaration.

    • Joseph F Barber freeman a free inhabitant of the earth stands with this declaration so help me god

    • Jared Richardson

    • Good stuff I signed back in 2011 and we all need a return to sovereignty throughout our country, Article 1 section 8 clauses 17-19 of the U.S CONSTITUTION States that the Federal government is forbidden from occupying any state with intent to police nor shall the Federal government with hold land inside any state this is because the Federal governments Jurisdiction is not to exceed 10sq miles beyond the seat of government Ie: the U.S Capital building. God bless the people of NH and may God return us to a Sovereign Nation.
      The Time has come for 51 State of Jefferson good bye California.

    • word.
      Sarah Herbert

    • Our government is completely based and built upon nothing but lies and deceit, It is way past time to dismantle the corporation and take back our freedom that so many fought and died for. The blood of these brave men and women are on the hands of those that took advantage of our trust.

    • Elijah r Mack

    • signed, bitloss

    • Hey all,
      Dave Ridley sent me here. Never met the man but found him 9 yrs ago on yt. I am seriously considering the big move.
      Thanks, Scott

    • Aiden DeVanney Nance here.
      I feel like this could all be simplified and rendered down to that line from stanza 2. “No individual has the right to initiate force” keep all things voluntary folks. This idea got us all the progress and individual autonomy to enjoy that societal progress that we acclaim today. Don’t let us slip down the throat of authoritarian ideologies. And don’t forget that socialism also can theoretically exist without a government gun if you’re into that. And don’t forget that your autonomy within this natural right is yours if anything is. Don’t pretend like your damned governments can take it from you. You are a human! No law our order can even slightly infringe on that. Rage against the dying of the light. Never give them an inch!

    • Stefan Paddock – Sovereign individual.

      There are no man-made laws, free men abide by natural law.

      I pledge that I will never trespass on another persons ability to pursue life, liberty and property. I pledge to help protect those whose life, liberty, and property are in jeopardy. And I pledge to honor these principles no matter the rewards or consequences.

    • Great job Roger Boudreaux Jr

    • Brian Crabb

    • William E. Reynolds

    • Probia Person and original jurisdiction holder viktor-emil hereby authorizes the declaration.

    • Robert A Sosa

    • I the living man and soul created in the image and likeness of my God that is Christ, hereby declare myself as a part of the Shire Society: sincerely, Tristan Ingram.

    • I pledge.

    • Let Freedom Reign !

    • Hello! I am so glad I found out about this great organization. I have been searching for years for a group of like minded folks who value peace and liberty. I would like to know how I can participate in your weekly masturbation session for men. I was told it’s every monday, is that right? Is Ian Freeman usually there? Let me know.

    • I support this and hereby declare my independence from tyrants and governments of all forms!

    • Adon El check out my channel on YOUTUBE for insight of how to become an international private banker and truly find independence.

    • Paul Chasse : Totally support the movement would really like to understand more about it and how I could take my wife and kids and move up there if anybody has more information about that feel free so let me know

    • My tenants are Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity. Commit no act of aggression on others, and only engage in voluntary interactions with others. My body, my voice, and my will are mine, and mine alone and I am the ultimate authority concerning these.
      I wholeheartedly and with absolute conviction adhere to the principles and ideas of the Shire society and the Church of the Shire.

    • Are parent-child relationships and the corresponding obligations non-binding, empty and invalid?

      I feel rather bound to my offspring and positively obligated to fight for the freedom of their future and raise them with training in good principals and behavior so they become capable of responsibility which independence and liberty depend on.

      Also, I’m going to vacation in NH during the last 2 weeks of Sept.
      I’ll check the forums for any recommendations on connection opportunities.

    • A marvelous simplified parallel to our God given US constitution. Honor and glory to The King of The Kingdom of Light.

    • I swear by my life and my love of it to follow the path of Liberty for myself and all other sovereign beings.

    • I’m in

    • I declare my freedom from all tyranny and all oppression an live as a free person only governed by the creator of this planet and universe

    • Gracias por este ideal y comentario Bryant Schroder del cual haré uso en el presente comentario

      Nuestro país, Estados Unidos, nunca será libre hasta que los ciudadanos dejen de ser ovejas y los seguidores de los Estados Unidos INC. Solo hasta que la gente se dé cuenta de que los Estados Unidos no están ubicados en Estados Unidos, sino en Washington DC, que no están ubicados en los Estados Unidos y no son un país. Estado. Es un territorio extranjero. Yo, Osvaldo Yarel, hago esta declaración a todas las personas privadas y libres y firmo esta Declaración con una firma firmada y reservandome todos mis derechos inaleanables o (Unalianable). Osvaldo Yarel mejor conocido como Osvaldo Y. Crespo Hernández

    • I would like to become part of this society

  1. Signed… because LIBERTY works! Derek J. Hanson

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  2. Couldn’t agree more.

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    • Lavasha marrero

  3. I’m on this forum too now. – Buttholomew K. Genie

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  4. Great ideas Medium term follower of the movement, long time follower of liberty. I pledge my support. SIGNED!!

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  5. I declare my independence from all states.
    William Thieme

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  6. This comment is my signature upon the above Declaration.

    I have lived these principles all my adult life, and have successfully asserted them in various dealings with “authorities.” We have a gentleman’s agreement; they respect my rights and I don’t rain on their parade.

    It is impossible to obtain a “judgment” that one is free.

    However, the facts and law in the public record are that my wife and I are not part of any body politic or corporate, that no contract or other nexus exists by which we have waived any rights, and that any assertion to the contrary naturally arises from fraud.

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  7. It is a healthy practice to advocate anarchy. The USA took a wrong turn the moment any one individual was given authority over, or more rights than, another. Cops, Feds, cabinet members, executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, and basically any type of organization that is associated with government can only breed corruption and eventual tyranny. I’ve written countless papers on these matters for a decade, and you got my signature.

    -Jeremy Edward Dion

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  8. Signed, and thank you all.

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  9. Your still have to disconnect yourself from the US Corporation, by virtue of social security, IRS, or Unemployment Compensation. Everything US. I believe this to be true.

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  10. If all would throw away their money, what would it be worth ? When all the rivers are dammed, all the fish gone, and all the soil wasted, we will come to find out that we cannot eat money.

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  11. It is agreed between all of us that the overall benefit of choosing to
    live in a society who’s transactions are all mutually consensual is
    significantly higher than the overall benefit of choosing to live in a
    society who mutually agree that forcefully taking an individual’s
    property and rights through taxation and unjust law can somehow “improve
    the common welfare and safety of the public.”

    Those who do
    not agree fail to understand that by neglecting to adhere to the
    principles that the Shire Society has made clear, the result could
    affect them to the point that they do not even have the freedom to
    choose the principles they would like to live by for they are enslaved
    by a government.

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  12. I haven’t been here in a while, but its cool that you don’t have to have a face book account to post here. I fully agree with the aims and goals of the shire society. Consider this my Signature.

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  13. hollo how are you doing find i”m looking for a friend to be with and make me happy to be in my life

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  14. Is leaving a message signing? if so accept this as me signing. Liberty only work for all of us if it is actively defended and pursued. the time for passive citizenry has to end. Wake up before it is to late.

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  15. I live in NH now. If I don’t end up going back to Vermont, I’d give serious consideration to living either in Manchester or Keene. Peace!

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  16. #3 and #4 are the undeniable logical consequence of #1 and #2. Also, I don’t think the obtuse and dubious notion of “rights” is even necessary. The enumeration of specific entitlements (which is the Stanford definition of the term “right”) will only muddle the core principle. The simple, clear, highly accurate language of moral judgment should suffice: Either it is evil to initiate the use of force, or it is good. If it is evil, then responding in-kind when it occurs, is fully justified. This is all the protection we need.

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    • Correct, but not everyone is smart enough to put all these pieces together, though. In my experience, if you do not explicitly spell out some things for people, some of them either misunderstand or get weaselly and play dumb.

    • In principle I strongly agree about the *initiation” of force and a response in kind; problems can crop up when it devolves into a shouting match over who really hit first. That’s where valid reality checks are especially important, devoid of anything like “his family is more noble therefore…” (“born equal” for such decisions — only, individuals are for many purposes very different); and devoid of “this one is male (or female) therefore … mind you, there can be real statistical probabilities in different groups, but letting that be an excuse for prior restraint, let alone final judgement, is part of what the U.S. was supposedly founded to refute; and that part’s good. If you really want to kick out the `bad influences’ from somebody else’s group, you should be especially interested in leaving the `good’ ones in that group alone, if not rewarding them, so they can raise the behavior of the entire group, even without any more effort from you!

      Of course if it’s “this thing (or stuff) is mine”; then yeah, that’s valid. If true. Third parties cutting up somebody’s property to pass out “equal shares” (and keeping big chunks for themselves as `mediatiors’) is especially nasty. Making someone’s “gored ox” “whole”, must mean whole, not minus a third off the top, after “court costs”. Loser pays all such costs, especially those who bring false accusations. (And remember compensation for lost opportunity, damage to reputation, and peace of mind). Putting real teeth into laws against falsac would go a long way to easing crowded dockets, especially as time passes and false recidivism is really seen to be just people who *can’t” repent from repeat crimes, because they never did anything really wrong to begin with; but were just victims of previous hasty or coercive convictions. Burden of proof must never be on the defendant.

      Letting someone get away with bad behavior once, or more times, because it’s not really sure; then getting it right and making it stick when it is really sure (ask a good scientist), is far better than punishing good or neutral behavior, and letting the real baddies just keep getting away with it. Letting police get away with breaking rules; is for the protection of cops against the consequences of any false punishment they’ve meted out, not just the protection of those being harassed; and the protection of whole communities from the consequence of such things ever being meekly tolerated.

  17. I’m in like Flynn.

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    • Flint, you mean. :@)

    • “In like Flynn” is a slang phrase meaning “having achieved a goal or gained access as desired”. The title of the film In Like Flint (1967) is a play on the term, and that has led to a malapropism where some speakers believe that is the original phrase.

  18. Not signing. I am my own person and do not have to belong to any group to prove I am free to do what I want, when I want. Besides, all y’all will probably end up on some list owned by the government.

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  19. Signed. Planning to move when I can. Don’t know how soon that can be.

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    • Glad to join

  20. “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others”; “I sent the club a wire stating, PLEASE ACCEPT MY RESIGNATION. I DON’T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT ME AS A MEMBER.”
    – Groucho Marx

    “The penalty for laughing in a courtroom is six months in jail; if it were not for this penalty, the jury would never hear the evidence.”; “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”
    – H.L. Mencken

    “To hell with the State. The State, its employees, contractors, and its community activists are uninvited, hostile intruders in my life. They and the force of their actions against my life, liberty, and property must be defended against sufficient to overcome, or at least as it is in my power to do so. To help secure myself, I offer my service in defense of others’ life, liberty and property against the same.”
    – Mark Watson

    The Philosophy of Liberty

    Please accept this as my signature to become a member of the Shire.

    In Liberty and Voluntary Association,
    Mark R. Watson, 09/17/2012

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  21. I really hope I’ll be able to make the move to the Shire some day. Looking for a liberty loving lady to become my liberty loving wife, and to help me get a visa. 😉

    Dean T. Harris
    Flesherton, Ontario (…for the time being)

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    • Why would you need to ask our federal government nicely for a visa which hasn’t read its own constitution in about 2 centuries when “each individual has the inalienable right of self-defense against the initiation of force;” you can just take your right to live here and work without asking wether it’s popular or allowed. There are people in the free state who will defend customers and businesses owners and workers’ right to voluntary exchange with ak47’s.

  22. I love New Hampshire! It’s been a great place to raise a family, to live, work, and play. Everyday beauty is a part of life here, and Freedom & Liberty folks find their true home. Live Free and Love Life!

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  23. Jesse D. McDonald

    Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


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    • Jesse,you may actually have written something intelligent in your post, even though I seriously doubt it. still Jesse, if no one else, or extremely few have a clue WHAT you have posted, then it surely is of little, if any significanse or value. I have to wonder, since no one (again or very very few) has a idea what you are trying to say. Who are you trying to impress with your seemingly obtuse post? Because I say it surely isn’t working.

    • Jesse, in case you may think otherwise I wanted you to know that I do know what a PGP message is, and that fact has nothing to do with my post as to ‘Who are you trying to impress?’,but was directed to the purpose of posting a comment
      and the worth and/or value of such a post if no one knows what, if any value or information it may contain. Take care mr jesse

  24. The term “free state project” is an oxymoron. I endorse free streets, free communities, and the Shire society.

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  25. Rebekah A Jones (Bella). Consider this my signature. Moving to Manchester (i think) very soon with nothing left but myself, small dog and suitcase. This will be my final attempt to adapt and overcome what have been overwhelming circumstances, and if I have to start all over with nothing I’d rather do it there, with my liberty intact if not my pride. Any hints, small adaptive living arrangements, ideas for an exchange of labor or intellect while I grab on to my bootstraps…? Advice or leads of all types gratefully welcomed.

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  26. Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.

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    • Where do I begin? Looks like I finally found a site with like-minded individuals, who think that government run societies are in abomination to both personal freedom and civility. Looking forward to reading all the comments on this site.

  27. You may not be able to EAT money, but you sure can’t buy food without it! It all goes hand in hand in survival. Freedom to America!

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  28. There is a lot of argument here in regard to this precept or that precept and whether or not any individuals have “The Right” to say or do something that the “rest of us” find unusual. But that is precisely what the United States was founded upon; the RiUght to say “No”. And the Shire Society is continuing that noble concept. Cheers to all, and may this great concept continue forever!?h

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  29. Signed, although I am unsure how soon I could afford to move, let alone get a job and place to stay.

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  30. Unless you renounce your citizenship at a US embassy (they have a piece of paper for you to sign), you’re still bound by the laws of the US. Please visit the nearest embassy and get the fuck out of my country.

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    • “my country” .. ROFLMAO it don’t belong to you it never has. And If you have some documents that prove otherwise then keep your comments about ownership to your self. You don’t and never have owned anything. You can not pay for anything with a debt note.

    • I agree take a hike ,bunch of nutjobs.Especialy that guy on the youtube videos.H says “FREE KEENE.COM.What an idiot

    • Fill me with freedom and away from all this oppression & false justice system. I may inhibit California but the hostility is why I do not consent to any of their laws.I’ve even been shot in the neck by an officer back when I turned 18 I’m now 23 & the last thing I told my lawyer was so you’re telling me that I’m not going to make out on this because I’m not dead or paralyzed & he responded to me saying what do you want lo happen to the officer & I quote him “do you want him to be prosecuted” I said hell yea! but unfortunately he told me you and I both know that’s not going to happen ?and 8 settled out of court for barley enough to pay my hospital bills the bullet went into my neck to my shoulder it’s changed my view and opened my eyes to the bigger picture this is my signature and if hope to be apart of Keene someday too.

    • I came here 6 months ago thinking of a better life ? As a recovered heroin addict (very accomplished most of my life ) last 15 years been rough but my life was good in Kansas City. I been met with hostility (You can’t build anything without glue !) , attackeded at an aa meeting , charged by police for that attack after they followed me around for 4 months (like they were investigating Benghazi!) ,can’t find employment with college degree and my one offer was for 850 hour at a place who’s owners are rich ! I admire your effoerts but you cant build a free sociery wirh 60 police officers (popuation of keene 24,000??) , No jobs or forgiveness for people’s past !

  31. I notice many people hanging on to the idea of having a “president” or some form of legislature created by a de facto, but at the same time they claim they are free. That’s nonsense and a misnomer at best.

    Can you say double minded, or a state of delusional insanity?

    You can NOT have it both ways. Either one will love the freedom of being self governed, or the idea of being governed by another. A man’s actions will always define his need for governance.

    Man can not create a de jure “government”. Once it is put on paper it then becomes de facto.

    If one claims a title he has deceived himself along with others. Is it not true there is neither male nor female, neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond or free?

    I am that I am, and nothing more than the I am that I am. So I can not be a title, name, word, or idea in the form of an expression.

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  32. i am a 33 year old soul. the turn to dust, Paul Kovack turned me into a potery and gave me inspriration for dreams of freedom an i will speak in art, to convey a golden crown. for we all are kings. listen to the words written down on our Hemp written constitution.. look it up…. its hard to kick against the thorns,theres many natural extensions to carry our freedom…….. what happens when you grow old, your blood doesnt turn to dust.. YOU’RE STILL ALIVE so naturally religiously unkind. its only a different point of view, but we all have love, thats what unites us, not beliefs… NO TRUE MAGICIAN HAS EVER SACRIFICED LIFE, DRANK BLOOD, OR TAKEN PART IN ANY OTHER STUPID URBAN LEGEND RITUAL. THEY GIVE BACK TO THE EARTH OUT OF LIFE. THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR IS LEFT TO THE PSYCHOTIC, DOGMATIC, THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR IS LEFT TO THE SICK. AND IM IN THE THICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE IT TO THE FUNDELMENTALIST BELIEVERS YOU SEE ON T.V. EVERYDAY LETTING OFF BOMBSAND KILLING PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF GOD………BELIEFS ARE DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELIEFS ALLOW THE MIND TO STOP FUNCTIONING… A NON-FUNCTIONING MIND IS CLINICALLY DEAD. BELIEVE IN NOTHING…………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • .

    • May the God of Heaven be with and for us in this Holy endeaver for it is only by his Will can such sacred actions be set out upon.

    • The is no state! I declare myself sovereign and free. If only this 420 was a peaceful assembly. See you in NH one way or another!!

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