Shire Goldback

Shire Goldbacks

The beautiful new Shire Goldbacks

The Goldback launched in Utah in 2019.  Goldbacks are the first tradeable artwork backed by actual 24K gold.  There are five denominations, the single, five, ten, twenty-five, and fifty.  The single is one thousandth of a troy ounce of 24K gold.  The five is five thousandths of an ounce, and so-on.

What is it worth?  Depends.  The Goldback is worth whatever a buyer and seller agree to trade it for.  At the minimum, there’s the amount in gold that the Goldback contains, but it’s worth more than just the metal because of the fact that it’s actually useful for trade, something gold hasn’t been useful for in generations.  The retail rate for the day is always posted on, the official site.  However, other sites like Apmex charge even more.

Here are close-up photos of the New Hampshire Goldback and details on the art design elements.

Shire Goldback’s mission, as part of the Shire Free Church, is to help bring Goldbacks to the people at a competitive rate so as to transfer value from the fiat US Dollar war money system into a peaceful alternative – tradable gold.  Historically, gold has been an excellent hedge against the inflation of government-controlled money.  Goldbacks are value the government cannot control, and therefore a path to peace and the end of war.

In the Summer of 2020, the Goldback made its first appearance at Porcfest and Forkfest, the libertarian camping festivals that happen each year in the White Mountains.  Here’s a video where multiple vendors across the campground were interviewed regarding their experiences accepting and spending Goldbacks.  You can watch it on the uncensorable LBRY and YouTube.  Here’s the LBRY version:

If you’d like to communicate with the Shire Goldback community, you’ll need the Telegram app and then you can click this link to join: